Available Internet Data Plan:

This applies to our City/Campus Wi-fi Users.
S/N Subscription Plan Price Validity
1 600MB N200 2days
2 1GB N300 2days
3 4GB N500 24hours
4 2GB N500 7days
5 2.4GB N600 30days
6 6GB N1000 30days
7 8GB N1300 30days
8 20GB N3000 30days
9 34GB N5000 30days
10 Night Plan(20GB) N2500 7pm-7am
11 Evening and Weekend(50GB) N5000 30days

Make multiple months advance payment and get exciting data bonus.
S/N Subscription Plan Price Validity
1 25GB N5000 30days
2 30GB N7000 30days
3 40GB +*FNW N10000 30days
4 60GB +*FNW N15000 30days
5 85GB +*FNW N20000 30days
6 130GB +*FNW N30000 30days
7 Unlimited 15 (2-5mbps) N15000 30Days
8 Unlimited 20 (2.5-6mbps) N20000 30Days
9 Unlimited 30 (3.5-7mbps) N30000 30Days
10 Unlimited 40 (4-8mbps) N40000 30Days

*FNW - Free Nights and Weekends. Free Night Period: 7pm - 7am
S/N Subscription Plan Price Validity
1 60GB (10mbps) N10000 30days
2 90GB (10mbps) N15000 30days
3 130GB (10mbps) N20000 30days
4 200GB (12mbps) N30000 30days
5 Unlimited 20 (2.5-6mbps) N20000 30Days
6 Unlimited 30 (3.5-7mbps) N30000 30Days
7 Unlimited 40 (4-8mbps) N40000 30Days
8 Unlimited 60 (6-9mbps) N60000 30Days

This is for establishments/organisations that requires dedicated bandwidth of any capacity. We are committed to provide uninterrupted internet service as sure as the SUN. Contact us today and enjoy warmth welcome from our customer service personel.